What’s Designers Japan?

Collaboration with Unique and Talented Japanese Designers.We have Designed eco bag, tote bag, and mask case.When you find your favorite one, those can make your days happier!

  • Ayumi Shima

    Textile designer.

    Mainly focused on interior and fashion design. Involved in many projects and exhibits in various trade shows.

  • Megumi Nakamura

    Works as an illustrator for Funny Mart Cafe. Nice handwriting and sweet grown up illustrations. Concentrate on publications and design of stationary. Also operates online shop.


  • Teppei Higashi

    Domestic brand RBT.CO organizer.Focusing on fashion,stuffed animals,illustrations,graphics and a variety of events.Extend your designs.


  • Kayo Horaguchi

    Graphic designer drawing women, animals and plants with brightful colors.Designed lots of products for the apparel industry, accessories and interior


    Also work for commercials,magazines and web media.

  • Eiko Horiuchi

    After Graduating art university in 2007 she started-up a textile design company called”Plune”.

    With a wide range of art work from apparel to life style products, her concept is producing cute textile for the Ja panese market.


  • MisatoYoshida

    COMO has created her own unique style by combining cyber collage art with self designed patterns. This method allowed her to exp ress her story in a single picture by using unique and cu stom patterns.

We also collaborate with many designers in others.

  • Masanori Inui
    Graduating art University in 2004 he started here professional career as a teacher. After his experience as a teacher and pilgrim , he converted to becoming an illustrator using his experience in his art works.
  • Kazushige Oue
    Working as a package illustrator & designer. He expresses everyday event using
  • Rumiko Kikuchi

    After graduating art university in Japan she started her own textile design company in 2011.

    Currently focusing her work on apparel & gift textile designs.

  • Yuya Harada

    Illustrator & Designer.

    Uses self-designed character to express happiness and joy in his art works.

  • Youko Hishida

    After gaining experience in design industry she became a contract illustrator.

    She uses cute plants & animals in her art works.

  • mia

    She became a free-illustrator after experiencing graphic design & Art assistant professor.

    She is known for her feminine touch and art work.

  • Lemo

    After her experience with SquareEnix, she started her own bridal & gift design company“Make Lemonade.”

    Her concept is cute & feminine design using bright colors.