-Chusen-Traditional dying method called “Chyu-sen”


~Chusen~ Traditional dying method called “Chyu-sen”

Chusen create beautiful pattern by using dye to plain fabrics. The flexibility, breathability, water-absorbency are in good condition. Also it dries fast.

Here is the procedure

1- Cut out the design you would like to dye on to the towel with paper
2-place the paper on top of the textile you would like to dye
3-After placing the dye in the mold spray sand on top so the dye won’t spread
4-Place the completed Dye over a mold and start dividing each design off with clay
5- place the color you would like to dye in each design separated by clay
6-wash off the towel to make it clean from extra paint and clay
7-let it dry for completion